Sunday, January 24, 2010

R & R Coming Up!

I keep letting work interfere with life. Too much work right now, and not nearly enough life! That ends mid-week when we hop on the silver bird and wing our way to Florida. Mitchell has a conference, but first four days with Elizabeth and her husband and then three days to rest in Orlando before the meeting begins.

Lord only knows if I am ready to go. This morning I finally started packing, but have
doing it in dribs and drabs, so... who knows what will end up in the bag! We are staying in two different condos, so will have laundry facilities (if not in the unit, at least near by) so I am planning to under-take and do laundry at least once. The conference ends with a fancy dinner and dance, so am also taking cocktail dress, new high heels and all the fixins.
Unfortunately, we'll have to get my dress and his suit pressed after stuffing them into the suitcases. Whatever happened to the good old days of taking a hanging bag on a flight? Oh, now I remember - terrorists.

The resolve to lose 10 pounds seems to have gone out the window. I'll worry about that when I get home.

That other little resolution - you remember, the one about writing weekly - well, it's gone out the window, too. Am hoping to see some gardens for my garden blog, and find some scintillating thoughts to share with you here.

Do what you can for Haitian relief. Goodness knows they need all we can do. Hang in there, winter has to end sometime!


  1. Have fun! I'm going away in April... which I know is months away but I'm SOOO looking forward to it!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time and get the R&R you deserve! I'm also going away soon, like you, also had to give up on the 10 pounds resolve. Okay, its really more like fifteen but who is counting?