Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home, Sweet Home!

Is home ever nicer than when you return from a trip? I think not!

Mitchell and I have just spent a wonderful 10 days in Florida - warm, mostly dry, entertained, spent time with wonderful friends - all the good feelings of a winter vacation. And the Central Virginia to which we returned is covered in snow, slush, and ice - three things I really loath - and yet we were delighted to finally get here this afternoon. It feels so safe and sane to be back in our normal nest.

Travel - at least by air - is no longer fun. You know all the problems - to catch an 8:30 flight this morning we had to get up at 5:00 and be at the airport at 6:00 to return the rental car. Then the strip search at security.

Unfortunately, Mitchell had a knee replaced a couple of years ago. Apparently along with his discharge from the hospital, he was put on the "Suspected Terrorist" list. I wasn't aware that titanium and plastic joints are considered lethal weapons, but apparently so. We can deal with the fact that he sets off the metal detector, but you'd think that 10-inch scar on his knee might key them in that he's not actually carrying!

Several long waits at the gates and a bit of anxiety about whether or not we would get seated on our flights, and finally we were in the air and actually headed home. It seems that the airlines still sell 55 tickets for every 50 seats.

The heavy snows in the mid-Atlantic over the weekend didn't help the situation, since they left lots of other folks stranded and vying for seats on the planes that were running.

So eleven and a half hours later (it was,after all, nearly three hours of flying time!) we are back to home sweet home in time to start a new week tomorrow. A wonderful vacation, but an excellent home coming!

Note: Finally solved my problem of uploading more than one photo so I will update It's My Garden in the next couple of days - lots of Guest Gardens on this trip.

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