Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dr. Nancy Sez...

"Don't make me crazy!" Yes, she actually did say that this morning. The topic? The need for women over 50 to get 60 minutes of exercise daily just to hang on.

Dr. Nancy
's take was that women have too much on their plates to add one more guilt issue. As in, "I'm working my butt off trying to get everything else done in my life, and now I need to work twice as hard to work my butt off?" She felt that 30 minutes a day was probably plenty for most folks and that that could be gotten by parking farther away, using the stairs and taking the long route when you can - and most important, by pushing away from the table! Well, there's that!

I did make the effort this morning with disappointing results. Knowing I had a meeting mid-morning that would make jazzercise impossible, I dragged my lazy self out early and walked over to the nearby middle school to walk around their track. I've used that route for nearly 10 years to get in a two-mile walk when no other activity was promising for the day.

This morning, tho, an odd thing happened. Well into my fourth (and next to the last) lap, I was approached by the Michelin Man who was dressed in a "Security" sweatshirt. "Sorry, ma'm," says he, "but I'll have to ask you to leave the track." "Why?," says I. "For the security of the children," says he.

I thought about that a minute. "You mean," says, I, "that having paid my county taxes on time, I cannot walk on this track?" "That's right. Not between 7:30 and 4 when the children are here."

I did not tell him that he needed the walk more than I did. Nor, that he was freakin' crazy. Nor, ask him what danger a woman of a certain age actually posed to the children in a building 100 yards away. I left... and fumed all the way home. I see a letter to my school board member and board of supervisors in my future, with a copy to the principal.

Don't want to endanger the children - or, I wouldn't pay my taxes - but it does seem to me that they have gone way too far in that direction and forgotten their role as part of the community.

Do you see hoards of middle-aged women storming their local schools and demanding the right to use their tracks to get in three extra hours of walking a week? I certainly plan to!!


  1. I've been trying to avoid commenting on the whole exercise thing because I feel guilty. I haven't been to the gym since January and don't look or feel the better for it! So all right already, I'll get going! Though I do realize this whole thing has not been directed at me, years old Catholic guilt resurfacing.

  2. I’ve worked out religiously three times a week for years and haven’t lost a single pound (actually I’ve gained a couple of pounds). Last summer, I read Time Magazine’s article, “Exercise won’t make you thin” and decided to prove them wrong. I increased my work-outs to four times a week and began taking more strenuous boot camp like classes. Six months later, I still haven’t lost a single pound only now my knees ache and I have shooting pains in my wrists.

    At my last physical, I complained to my doctor about my inability to lose weight and asked what to do about my new development; belly fat. She said this is the most common question she gets from middle aged woman and there is really nothing I can do about it. She suggests I embrace the new me.

    Now I am back to working out three times a week in the less strenuous classes. I’ve learned I have to accept what my body can and can’t do in a realistic schedule. Any more and I risk hurting myself.

    Good luck finding a place to get your extra 30 minutes in. I’d suggest the local mall, but it sounds so-o-o old (isn’t that where the seniors walk).

  3. And you showered and everything right? (LOL)

    It can be "extra work" to fit in exercise regularly but it is SO important. For me, it has a cascading effect (either way). I work out, I feel better mentally and physically. I have more energy to workout more. If I don't, I don't.