Sunday, March 14, 2010

On Time

Like many of you, I am finding that the change to Daylight Savings Time tried to make my day hellish. We tried to prepare properly last night. Altho we attended a family wedding, we came home early and didn't drink too much. You do not want to deal with DST with a hangover - please, take my word for that!

Fortunately, one third of our clocks update from the computer and another third from the mother ship or some such foolishness out of Ft. Collins, Colorado, so we only have to take care of the kitchen and some watches - as far as I can remember. We did them last night and headed off to bed early.

This morning I awoke at my normal sunshine time, also known as one hour later than normal according to DST and therefore the correct time, and was very pleased at myself until I rolled over to find...... no Mitchell! Empty bed. No one sleepily visiting the bathroom. Oh, oh?

Mitchell tells this fantastic tale sometimes in which I star as a lumber-sawing, sheet-rock shaking snorer. I am sure that you all know this is pure fantasy, made up of whole cloth, and completely inconceivable. Well......?

A bit of quiet reconnoitering and, there he was... asleep in his recliner - in the living room, in front of the TV, in the one room in the house that has no doors to close it off from all of the other rooms where I might want to go hide out while he gets a couple more hours of sleep! You know, like the kitchen!

What you don't know is that I am the morning person and he is the night owl. I hit the ground running and he drags his ass out of bed around noon. I go to bed promptly at 11 and he catches Letterman or SNL - in short, total opposites sleepwise, but great partners in sharing the house. On work days I am 3/4 finished with my workday when he rises, and then we have the afternoons together. And, at night I leave him happily reading when I nod off.

So there I am. Trapped in the bedroom trying to be as quiet as the proverbial mouse so that he can catch up on whatever sleep I may have inadvertently caused him to miss by - ahem - snoring! Oh, did I mention feeling guilty about it, too? I mean, he complains now and then, but has never before actually fled to another room! Anguish.

Long story short, it turns out that he was worrying about something, got up and stayed up a while sending emails - I hate to see what they looked like - and then fell asleep in his chair. See? I told you I don't snore. But we did miss out on really adjusting our internal clocks today! Maybe tomorrow. I think we have until the first of November to get it done.


  1. This is so have the same sleeping habits as Neal and I have the same as your husband. I will stay up until all hours of the night reading books or blogs or watching TV. And I generally fall out of bed around 9 when Neal has already been at work, 45 minutes away, for an hour and a half! But I keep saying this is going to work out well when we have babies in the house and somebody has to take the morning shift and someone has to take the night shift! Of course you don't snore...neither do I. I breathe DEEPLY.

  2. Same here. I go to sleep by 10pm (although my husband tells peope 8pm which is So not true) and then I wake up at 5am. Hubby can stay up all hours and sleep til noon, no problem. Must be nice!

  3. Good to know I am not alone! It's 1 am right now and Hubsababy is snoozing away. I'm a night owl while he gets up at 4:30 am. LOUDLY. That's just rude, don't you think?

  4. I was actually happy I was in Mexico over daylight savings - they don't do it there. And with the time zone changes during our flights yesterday it just all seemed to slip right by. It was kind of nice!

    I want to thank you for stopping by during my guest bloggers week. Hope to see you around!

  5. It is amazing how one hour can set your whole body clock out.