Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Look - A New Focus!

Some time ago, I struggled over deciding whether to continue this blog or to post exclusively on my gardening blog - It's My Garden.

For a few months I did not post here, but I found I missed the give and take of talking about different things even when I still found myself drawn more often to post about the garden. So for the past six months I have schizophrenically tried to maintain both blogs. It has been frustrating.

The truth is that except for Mitchell and a couple of my Wise Women, the garden is the most important thing in my life. It's where I think. It's where I go for strength when I'm feeling down. It's my escape from work - and we all need one of those! It's where I am creative. It's even my favorite place to have that Friday champagne when the weather cooperates. It's part and parcel of who I am and trying to divide myself was a typically Gemini thing to do.

Last night I had an ah-ha moment. I can reconnect my Gemini halves. So now I have only one blog - this one. I will continue to write about whatever strikes my fancy, when my fancy is struck, but you will find more about the garden now. This morning I made it official and posted a final time at It's My Garden and invited my friends there to move here - and I do hope they will!

Knowing my garden friends will like my eclectic friends and vice versa, I have pulled you all together. I hope you will still come visit me and we can continue our journey together. Let the fun begin!

ps: Perhaps by mistake, I've imported all the old posts from there to here, so now if you are interested you can go back and see what I've been doing for the past year - or not.

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  1. welcome back. It's OK when worlds collide. The pictures are beautiful.