Friday, May 14, 2010

20% Chance

It's pouring rain - gully washin', run in the ditches, overwhelm the streams pouring rain - complete with Rip Van Winkle rolling thunder. Ordinarily I would love it, but not tonight.

After spending every afternoon this week stripping the old finish and stain off the deck, I finally started putting down the new finish this afternoon. It's one board short of half done, and now it's raining. I was going to wait until tomorrow to start, but we checked the weather and there was only 20% chance of rain tonight - scattered thunder storms actually - but only 20%. It was a hot dry afternoon with not a cloud in the sky, so I started.

I wonder what you do when new stain/sealer gets wet? Guess I will learn tomorrow.

You know, some projects go that way. Nothing I can do now except to hope that it was dry enough to not be damaged. We'll look in the morning. Meanwhile, I'll open some wine!


  1. Grrrr. Hate when that happens. Friday was weather wild here after 5:00pm. I had no project going, so I just curled up on the sofa and read.

    Our little tiny deck is due a staining SOON. I hope you're dry and back on the job.

    Did you or have you pruned your broom? Can't walk past mine, the time is now. But how?

  2. Finished the deck this morning and it appears to be none the worse for wet! Used Behr brand (from Home Depot). It's acrylic based, not oil, and I really like it so far. You might want to look at that as an option when you are ready to do yours.

    Our broom got upended in a heavy wind storm and died, but I was not ever happy with trimming it. It's so "sticky" and I never found a way that made me happy. Mostly just chopped it off and hoped. I love it in bloom, but we never were friends.