Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am so Thrilled!

I won!

Occasionally someone is giving away something that I really like, and so I toss my name into the hopper just for fun. Last week Jill from Third Age Musings offered several of her lovely handmade things and... I won one. I am thrilled.

Hope you will go to her blog, but in a nutshell... she is a retired British teacher who is creative with a capital "C". She is studying photography in a formal way, but at the same time experimenting with all sorts of painting and sewing projects. You can learn lots from her, or just enjoy the lovely photos on her blog. Do go visit!

And, thanks so much. I am thrilled - really!


  1. Terrific! I won a free physic reading once. I've still yet to cash it in.

  2. Congratulations, lady! I was just telling someone the other day that I would love to win a blog giveaway...although there is some self-sabotage going on because sometimes I don't apply myself toward winning. So well done on the effort and the goodies! I think we should get a picture when you get them! ;)