Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back 2 Blogging - Day Two

Today the assignment is to post something that I wish more people had read. Since it is a fairly long post, here's the link, and I won't try to copy it over.

It's basically a post about our obsession with our weight and size and some thoughts on accepting a healthy weight, rather than a size. I worry that we as a nation - at least the female half - are so concerned with our size. It cannot be healthy to hear 10 year olds saying they are too fat - especially when they are not. But, it's equally bad to see the 10 year olds who are already 50 pounds overweight and to recognize the struggle they will have for the rest of their lives.

Why can't we find a happy medium? Why are we still failing to teach our children and ourselves about healthy eating and healthy exercise?

On the down side, I see that nearly a year later I have not actually made any progress in my own struggle. Today I promised myself that I would not have a sugary snack all day... and I succeeded. Now I feel like a member of AA and am telling myself "one day at the time".

And perhaps that is the secret: progress is measured in one small step, or one day, at the time. I'm psyched for day two. Think I'll reward myself with a trip to Jazzercize!


  1. Oh dear, I am sorry things are not going well. I empathize. Don't be too hard on yourself during this time, but do go to Jazzercise and yell and scream (I used to :-)), it will make you feel better.

  2. Snaps to you for getting back to blogging.

    You have many dear friends out here who are concerned how you are doing.

    So let it out here, in jazzercise or in emails to us.

    Sometimes in AA it's one hour at a time. Easy does it Webb, of course now I want a sugary snack and i don't usually crave them

    Darn you and the power of suggestion.

    xo Jane

  3. I hear you Webb and I enjoyed the article you posted as well. Weight is a tricky thing, I keep telling my kids it is all about balance. Fortunately, they are active in sports so it helps to keep their weight in check. Me on the other hand...well, I have to work at it. I have given up sugar in the past...made a real effort and it made such a difference. You get to the point where it tastes awful or it more the effects that make you feel bad. My Dad used to read me passages of a book called 'Sugar Blues'. If you want to really understand the impact of sugar..read it. You will be surprised.

    I haven't read that book in a few years. You just reminded me. Thanks for that...I am going to go find it now:)

    Best wishes and enjoy that jazzercise class!


    Jeanne :)

  4. Good ideas, all. Thanks so much. For the last couple of days I just haven't eaten as much - simple. And, I feel pretty good and more importantly - NO cravings, not even the sugar. Will look for "Sugar Blues".

    Today is a better day. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  5. I saw a woman in the supermarket 2 days ago. Her trolley was filled with packaged, frozen meals. I had looked at her because she kept saying loudly to her toddler, Sweetie, don't doooo that. He was playing with the packages. Every meal was the same. And they were for him and for her. Adult and child. Freaky! All these identical boxes. It made my hairs stand on end. She was well dressed, and not uneducated. Snap judgement. But screwed up.

    I know someone who never cooks for their child, never eats at table with the child and whose child (light years past toddlerhood) feeds on bland, unhealthy pizza-like foods (pizza, chicken nuggets - never fruit, never vegetables), from the freezer to the oven or the microwave. And a heck of a lot of refined sugar. ALL the time. Why? Because the child is 'fussy'.

    It's simplistic, I know, but I swear that not eating good food - which can be simple food, with children, AT table (or on the floor for that matter), is a major part of the puzzle of many emotional and physical problems in these here times. This abdication of responsibility is blamed on not enough time, but so often it is sheer self indulgence. Children take time. if you can't do the time, do not have the children.

    Oh dear. Do you see the size of this soap box???

  6. Amen, Marie. You are SOOOOOOOOOOO right. I used to scream when my niece only ate Dinty Moore stew - seriously for an entire year! Oh, did I mention the iced tea to drink and she was three - freakin' three!!

    Move over, Sister, and let me onto that soap!