Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Workday - Finally Back in the Garden

What is it about Labor Day? Can Mother Nature read?

It certainly seems - well, actually "feels" - that way. As in so many previous years, August was hazy, not and humid; so many unbearable days; so many days hiding inside in the air conditioning. Then, "click".

Labor Day came and brought with it deepening blue skies, wispy clouds and - poof! - the humidity disappeared. It has been lovely this week and comfortable. So nice, in fact, that I finally got out and did some - gasp! - weeding.

The garden is in pretty good shape considering how little attention I have given it this summer. Twice-a-week watering has certainly helped, but like all well-established gardens, this one has held its own. And more than that, the fall blooming flush has begun.

Many spring flowers that stopped blooming early have decided that they have a bit more to say. Like the Evening Primrose, several of the clematis are blooming again. This one is particularly gorgeous with rich, dark blue flowers that are nearly six inches across.

The miniature roses are blooming again, too, and the first of the fall bloomers are starting. Last week one of my favorite sedums (seda? I think not!) bloomed. I can't remember it's full name, but I will. This one grows only eight inches tall, but is lovely.

The Obedient Plant has gone wild... as it is wont to do. The "obedient" in its name refers to the way one can twist or shape a stalk to grow in a particular way and definitely not to its staying where one puts it. It is highly invasive in this part of the world, so I spend a good bit of weeding time annually removing it from places where I don't want it. But you have to admit that it makes a lovely swath in the "understory" of plants, and it brings both light and color to a dark part of the garden.


  1. Me too, weeded that it. And it was HIGHLY satisfactory. No primrose but I do have an iris blooming beautifully.

    I am loving being back outside. Glad you're there too.

    xo Jane

  2. What a lovely garden! All that green! All that abundance! Gorgeous, and it must be restorative being there.

  3. Your garden is so beautiful! The one thing I miss the most from my old home is having a garden filled with wildflowers. There is nothing sweeter than staring outside of your window to see an abundance of color, cultivated by your hand.

  4. Ladies, it's good to hear from you. After this awful summer, it's so restoring to get back outside and work. The garden is where I do my best thinking and I have done precious little of that for the past two months! Hope all of you have a good September.