Friday, December 3, 2010

Let the Merriment Begin!

Today is the first day of the holiday season! Well, for me it is. I hung the wreath. The first step.

I love the Christmas season - every single thing: the buying, the wrapping, the cooking, the eating [well, you know about that!], the tree, the music, the everything else. Unfortunately, Mitchell is less enthusiastic, altho he puts up with my enthusiasm for it. And, he does like some of it - he just doesn't want to admit it.

So, step one: The wreath is up. Previous years I used this wreath with big red poinsettias on it, but my wonderful sister-in-law gave me the oversized metal "ornaments" for Christmas last year. I liked them so much that I chased down a local source and bought a couple more. I love the look now.

Ho, ho, ho!


  1. I love metal stuff, and those ornaments are awesome!

  2. And we're off! I too put up a wreath tonight, but this consisted of me grabbing one out of the cooler on the way out of the shop, pausing for 1 second to select a ribbon, making bow, slapping it on and running out the door to pick up a pizza.

    It's not as romantic when you're a florist!

    xo Jane

  3. Nice wreath! I finally decorated the inside of my house so it looks like Christmas in there. But on the outside, not so much. I still have rotting pumpkins on my front step. Really need to take care of those...

  4. I put my wreath up this past weekend too! I love it!