Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby, it's Cold Outside!

Grim, gray morning, but covered in ice. A bit of sun would have made it gorgeous, but alas not a sunbeam in the forecast for several days.

Thank goodness for the fireplace!


  1. I am thinking summer Webb, it is the only way I can get through it!

    Jeanne xxx

  2. I's rather have snow, no?

    At least a fireplace.

    Ice, beautiful in pictures, hell to walk on.

    xo Jane

  3. I love having a fireplace also. After the children have gone to bed and roasted their marshmallows, the hubby and I pull out the chrystal and soak in the ambience. Let the sparks fall where they may...

  4. Great picture! Has it warmed up since? I wonder why the birds have not eaten the berries.

  5. Awesome! In all my years photographing plants, I've never been able to find a photo-op like this in my garden. Love it.