Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's Blooming?

So much has happened in the past month. The grass has turned green; the daffs are gone, but the tulips - well, other people's tulips - are going strong; the dogwoods have opened and the azaleas are just starting to pop out. Days are warmer and I long to be outside with my hands in dirt, instead of hunched over my desk keyboarding. Maybe next week.

Stop by May Dreams Garden to see what else is blooming today!


  1. So glad you stepped out in the beauty of yesterday and got these shots.

    You know I'm loving the lilac and the anemones,and the azalea. All singing spring. The happiest of songs.

    xo Jane

  2. Spring certainly delivered a powerful blooming spurt at your house! How lovely to see all those colors. It's weekend! Get out!

  3. It's all happening in your garden Webb...hope you are managing to get some of that gorgeous lilac into your home :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful Easter weekend...

    Jeanne xx

  4. Webb, But you need late summer rain for the rain lilies!!! Where are you gonna get that? Oh, that's the hope springing eternal bit....


  5. This weather does wonders, doesn't it? And I have the same blooms in my back garden as the one in the second to last photo :-)

  6. thank goodness for AZALEAS! Happy gardening (SOON!)

  7. I finally gave in and hired a landscaper this year. My yard is starting to look fabulous!