Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's so Hot...

that I am thinking of flora from farther southwest.

Like out yucca. Mitchell loves yucca so we put in two several years ago [Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard']. It has a pretty variegated leaf and provides just the pop of white that the first hot days of June demand.

The other plant has a reddish tinge to the newest leaves, but seems to be struggling and didn't bloom this year.

Around the corner from the Jazzercise studio there is a wonderful corner that is completely filled with cactus. Most years it has a lot of flowers, but this year it is gorgeous! It's completely covered with yellow blossoms. Makes the trip to dance even more enjoyable.

Somehow that didn't make me feel any cooler, tho. Happy Monday!


  1. My mind is so stuck in spring that one day last week I walked out into the garden and noticed the variegated yucca looking strange, thought "What's wrong with that?", then realized it was sending up its first bloom spike ever. It seems too early to my brain, but not the calendar, or to the yucca.

    I grow a similar (same?) opuntia cactus here in NJ. It's also budding up nicely. It keeps my kids' friends out of the flower bed and horrifies their parents.

  2. We can't grow cactus here but I grow the Christmas cactus inside and bring it out for summer, I love the blossoms they have, so unexpected.

  3. I have always loved the Yukka flower and yours is lovely. Its something that grows well here but takes up too much room for my small garden x

  4. Beautiful photos, as always!

    Just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my last post - and your offering to research for me - but she IS too small to be affected by the pregnancy discrimination act. It is for employers that have over 15 employees and she is well under that. My husband and I did meet with an attorney, but because she's such a small employer, we're pretty much screwed. It really sucks, but we're dealing with it. It WILL get better, I have no doubt. Thanks again for your suggestion, friend!

  5. Hi Webb, hope the weather has cooled down a bit now :)... yes my red peonies flowered a few weeks back too, this variety blooms later.

    I don't have any pump in the pond but I'm going to try your straw suggestion, have a good weekend x