Monday, July 4, 2011

A Lovely Surprise!

After too many days away from the garden, I finally got a chance to roam and visit old friends last night. And, found a new friend, too.

Jane (Small but Charming) and I collaborated last spring and decided that ranunculus will grow in zone 7, so we each ordered an assortment. I planted three dozen bulbs in April or early May, and early on it looked very promising. In the last few weeks, tho, the greenery has started to fall down and dry back. Finally, I only had about three that still looked green and perky. Perky, indeed!

The strategy now is to keep watering, feed them this fall, and mulch well in hope of keeping them warm enough thru the winter. It may be that they were planted too late in the year to come to full bloom this first year and with a little extra TLC will do better next year ... and bloom earlier in the spring, before the heat moves in.

I also got rain lilies [Zephyranthes 'sunrise mix'] and pineapple lily [Ecomis 'Katie'] from the same source. The latter now has lovely scapes, but no sign at all of flower spikes. I think the rain lily may have bloomed a few weeks ago. I had a mystery flower in the general area where I put the rain lilies [note to self: mark new plantings!] Anyone know for sure?

Perhaps my biggest garden failing is that I hate to actually cut the flowers. I love seeing them "out there", but as a result don't get to enjoy them inside. New leaf turned over!

Hope you are enjoying the Fourth!


  1. Looks like a rain lily to me although different than the wild ones in my yard, but the general shape and lack of leaves makes me think it is.

    Good luck with the ranunculus! It's something I haven't tried.

    And I agree about cutting. I only cut if I'm giving a bouquet away or if I have company coming over. Plus the cats are a nightmare around bouquets. bah.

    Happy 4th of July!

  2. Oh you got a beautiful flower, I only have miserable looking plants, but much hope for the future.

    The Pineapple lilies will bloom, just give them time. They are so tiny when they first come in, like miniature ears of corn.

    Your arrangement is charming.

    Happy 4th!

    xo Jane

  3. Like you I hate to cut my blooms. I wish I had room for an old fashion cutting garden, but I do not. I tend to cut just before a storm. Happy 4th!

  4. Lovely posy, I'm the opposite I actually grow them to bring inside :) x

  5. I planted some flowers in the veggie garden, because like you and your readers, I'd rather see the blooms on the plants. But the veggie garden being out of sight because of the wildlife "attacks", I now have no qualms cutting what little there is. I love flowers in the house. My mother bought a bouquet every weekend - nice (old) Dutch tradition :).

    Happy 4th!

  6. Every winter when nothing is blooming I promise myself that we will have cut flowers in the house all through the warm weather. Mostly we do. I too hate cutting a big bouquet of stuff but always have one or two things in small vases in the window above the kitchen sink.

  7. It's unanimous! I need to cut more. particularly like Brian's idea of a "little something" around. I do actually buy flowers all winter - so should do a better job all summer. Thanks for all the good suggestions!!