Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bloom Day - September

Can it be the middle of September already?  The skies are bluer, the humidity has dropped, and the summer blooming plants have started to perk up. Even the fall plants are starting to look promising.  Yes, it must be mid-September.

Obedient Plant has opened like a field of lilac  [Physostygia virginiana].  It can be invasive, but in this shady spot I can control it by pulling up handfuls as needed.
And several spring friends have decided to give me a few bonus blossoms... like the Pink Pizzaz [Loropetalum 'Pizazz' TM].  All of its outer branch tips have opened again.  The Lady's Mantle nestled at its feet decided to follow suit and bloom, too.  Thanks, guys!
The clematis [Clematis hybrid 'H.F. Young'] that is supposed to grow up the mailbox post, but which instead puddled on the ground around it, has suddenly out a handful of blooms.
Out of nowhere one of the azaleas has one lone bloom - right at the top and just a pretty as can be.  In a way, it's nice to have just one to look at.  In the spring it's the mass of color that we love, but a single bloom has its own beauty now.
The last of some of our summer friends have perked up, too.  You've got to love portulaca!  What other plant do you know that has blossoms that really are different colors?  It's not that they fade from one color to another (like Rosa mutabilis, for example)... they really are different colors.
And the mandevilla is still attracting hummingbirds as they head south for the real winter to come.  I've seen two today, but my photo skills are not up to even trying to get a picture of them.
But, it's the fall flowers that are starting to bloom that are really catching one's  eye.  First, the sedums - both Madronna and Autumn Joy.   
 The plumbago is bluer than ever and the fall anemones have just started dancing on their slender stems.

And finally the lovely Alma [Aster novae angliae 'Alma Potschke'].  In really good years she is just covered in these tiny coral blooms.  This year it was so dry (and apparently her mama did not make up for that with watering!) that she is only blooming around the edges.  I hope that with the rain we are getting now, she will keep blooming and fill out more. 
It's like the garden has taken a deep breath and decided to keep on going, too.  With more to come when the mums start arriving at the party.

Hope you have a lovely bloom day and thanks to Carol for hosting us at May Bloom Gardens.  If you haven't already been over there, please go and check out some new blogs.


  1. Webb - what's your email address? I can't reply to your comments because they have a 'no-reply' handle.

  2. What a plethora of color! It's beautiful around your yard. Here it is September too, but that means it is green everywhere, which I love, but no tons of color. Time for a deep breath indeed.

  3. I loved opening your post to find some of the same flowers I just photographed moments ago. I will probably post later this evening. I must admit you have much more blooming than I, but I must be grateful for the little color remaining. Bonnie

  4. Just want to thank you for stopping by.

    You don't see portulaca too much anymore but it always reminds of my grandmother who always had it in front of her house.


  5. You have so many of my favorite flowers! And how true that " a single bloom has its own beauty now." I feel that way about my clematis and roses that keep coming back with just a bloom here and there but so appreciated.
    All of your flowers are lovely. Happy Bloom Day!

  6. I just cannot imagine having hummingbirds in the garden, how lovely... I love how the Clematis is doing it own thing :) x