Sunday, October 16, 2011

On the Mall

It was a glorious day on the Mall - yes, that Mall.  Sunny and warm; sweater weather in the morning, not so much by noon.  Blue skies and a happy crowd.

We were here.

The speaker of honor was there.

Words of remembrance, words of inspiration, words of challenge. 

My knees tell me that the D.C. City Engineer has found a way to move the Mall an extra mile from K Street, altho the maps don't support that conclusion.  Perhaps too many years have passed since we last joined a throng there?

Too many people around to actually visit the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, but a good excuse to make another trip in the spring.  Amtrak is always waiting....


  1. Oh, lucky you! I would love to come to DC sometime and see the sights. In spring, though it surely looked lovely today.

  2. No wonder you asked if we were going!

    I would have come into the city to see you if my head was screwed on straight.

    I'm glad you were there to represent.

    xo Jane

  3. Anneke, we are only two hours from D.C., so not good for daily commuting, but great for a homebase if you want to come East for a visit. No chickens, no roadie, but we do have a guest room and would love to have you. Spring is always good - but best in April and May (in my opinion) before the humidity rolls in. Come!

    Jane, had thought we might try to get together, but honestly the day did not work out as well as I had hoped. Mitchell is 8 weeks post-surgery and thought he would be fine, but the walking was way too much. We ended up eating lunch and then going back to Union Station and coming home three hours early. He was worn to a nub! We're gonna do it, tho!