Sunday, November 20, 2011

Southern Sunshine

Honesty requires me to say this is last year's picture!  
Sunday morning and the sun is sparkling off the pond outside our door on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  Thanksgiving week finds us here like swallows returning to Capistrano.

Some years we spend the week in a tennis clinic, but this year it is pure R & R, with friends coming mid-week to play.  Christmas shopping will be high on our list (as always), but there are new high end shops at the outlet mall [think Ann Taylor, the Loft and White House, Black Market] so taking care of "the girls" should be easy and fun.  Can't tell you what I buy, of course, since it will be a secret!

Walking and biking may get some attention, and we did bring tennis racquets ... just in case we want to hit a ball or two one afternoon.  But the main focus of the week is wonderful restaurants, wine and friends to share it.   I'm already a thankful girl!


  1. Just off to buy my turkey.

    Feeling a wee bit jealous.

    xo Jane

  2. Jane, I suspect your turkey will be much better than ours, especially the whole event - filled with friends and loved ones. The good part of ours is ... making reservations!

    It's a very "grown up" way to do Thanksgiving, but not a very heart-felt one. Will be thinking of you, tho.

  3. Webb, It sounds relaxing. Enjoy you R&R. Bonnie

  4. It sounds like a lovely time off. Enjoy yourselves! And smell the ocean for me.

  5. Now you're talking my language! We have a week between Christmas and NYE planned for HHI. I can't believe we've lived within 2 hours of it for almost 2 years and have only been over a couple of time. When Mom and I were down there in October, we also brought our tennis rackets....but we ended up taking nice long bike rides to Harbortown and going for walks on the beach. Also, we decided to try all new restaurants (as we've been going for 20 years and have never branched out past Crazy Crab and The Old Oyster Factory). There are 3 new amazing restaurants in the shopping center with Wendy's of them being "Eat"...but you'll need reservations there. Plus we ate at the gelato place there. And you can NEVER go wrong with Charlie's L'etoile Verte. We LOVE it there! Can't wait to hear more!!