Thursday, April 12, 2012

We've Been Robbed!

A gorgeous great blue heron was perched on the peak of our carport this morning when I went outside.  It had a wingspan of more than three feet when it lifted off and awkwardly flew away. 
This afternoon there were only half as many fish to feed as yesterday.  Gone were Goldie (a four-year old), a three-year old, and two of the two-year olds - we only named the first generation.
Goldie (upper left) and friends last summer.
I  know that's how nature works, and they are only fish, but they were our fish and had been with us thru three winters.  I put netting over the pond in hopes that the heron will not like it and will go away.  We shall see. 

Final installment of "Our NYC Adventure" tomorrow ... or maybe Saturday!


  1. Oh dear. I was excited that you saw a great blue heron--such a magnificent bird--and then I got to the part about the fish. I am sorry!

  2. How awful and sad. I hope the netting works.

  3. Oh boy, yep, that is Mom at work. I am really sorry about your fish. And they are not "only fish". They had names, for heaven's sake!

    We have tried to protect what is "ours" out here in the boonies, but after finding other animals inadvertently caught in traps or snared in netting, I have given up. But then, I have no pet fish ....

  4. Ugh, this is why I don't want fish. I mean I want them, but I fear loss by hungry bird. I hope the netting works!!

  5. I am hoping the bird has a poor memory and won't be back. The fish are still traumatized - one still hiding in the bottom of the pond. The rest would not come up to eat last night, but hunger won out tonight and they did come feed.

    I have mixed feelings about the netting, too, Anneke, and am worried the bird will come back and get tangled in it. Will try to find some leafy water plants this weekend, but it's way too early for most stuff to be leafed out. Another victim of this weird winter/spring!

    Thanks for the sympathy, Everyone.

    1. Just thinking, chicken wire may be safer and just as effective as netting?

  6. I thought it was bad enough to have to fence my vegetable garden to keep the rabbits out. At least they move in only two dimensions!