Saturday, July 28, 2012

Light - at the End of the Tunnel

Today is like the first day of summer vacation.  Or, the third Monday in May - if you're a florist.  Or, the day after the Tour de France.

After three months of running a marathon at work, I can finally take a breath and start to enjoy life again.  And, it's about time.  I love my job, but I hate May thru July - when we have a huge project that takes 14-hour days and more work than a person should need to do in six months.  Fortunately, the bosses understand that and won't mind a whit if I cut way back for the next couple of weeks to recuperate.  They will be doing the same thing.

So ... what to do with this new found time and peace of mind?

Watch the Olympics!  Did you like the opening ceremonies?  Loved the Queen's entrance!  Thought the US team's uniforms were 50/50.  The men looked great, but the women looked like they had dragged out poodle skirts and bobby sox.  I wish they had gone with pencil skirts instead.  And, I hated the shoes - seriously, what girl over the age of four wears white shoes with socks!
Release my Domestic Goddess.  Today I dived into the kitchen and produced two batches of jam and a blackberry pie.  [Then it occurred to me that I had worked nearly 10 hours in the kitchen.  Perhaps I am not quite ready to relax after all!]  It's tomato jam season, tho, so there's more coming soon.
Garden.  The drought has hit me hard.  There is almost nothing in bloom in the yard - literally.  Am hopeful that regular watering and hard deadheading with start another flush of blooms in a couple of weeks.
Taken June 16, not any time recently!
Blog.  Have been lurking in your comments, but hope to wrap my mind around actual words again now.

For better or worse .... I'm back.


  1. I have been thinking about you. I was headed over to check on you....thought maybe I had missed a post. Like you, I wasn't thrilled with the US outfits. Loved the opening ceremony tho'. Would love to hear more about tomato jam. Good to hear from you again. Bonnie

  2. So glad that you are "back". I missed hearing about all you are doing...was beginning to think that my computer was broken. Elizabeth

  3. Glad you are back. I remembered from last year this was a busy time for you, so I wasn't too worried but it did seem to last forever. Hopefully you can get a little R&R in now.
    I didn't like the women's uniforms either - and did you catch they were made in China. Another fail. I thoroughly enjoyed the ceremonies. We bought a new TV this year and the colors were amazing.
    We have a drought here too and high temps. I tried to keep up with watering, but lost a few plants regardless. Some of them I had just purchased this spring. I've never experienced this before. I am hoping this year was an anomaly. Good luck with the dead heading.