Monday, August 27, 2012

Flowers in the House

One more time Jane has forced me to look at the garden with new eyes.  Initially I saw a wasteland needing deadheading, weeding, and general clean-up everywhere.  But why do we plant flowers?  Because when we need them the most, they ... bloom!
For the dining room table we have a few more tiny roses, a few zinnias, some early lady's mantle, one sprig of "black and blue" salvia, and two buddelias - the dark one is 'Black Knight', but the light one is a volunteer. (I do wonder if it is a throwback to one of the parents of 'Black Knight'.  It seems to be the same color, but a much lighter shade.  They are on opposite sides of the pond, and look great together.)

Then to cheer me when I sit and read, the last hydrangea of summer.  (That sounds like a good title for an historical novel.)
The bloom is lovely even if the leaves are not so pretty any more. 
If you haven't already been there, please stop by Jane's place (Small But Charming) and see all the really pretty flowers other folks have today. 


  1. Webb I love your arrangement. And how thoughtful of your garden to yield a treasure here and a bloom there, considering the state of your wheelbarrow.....

    I have barely been watering. The only thing in full growth spurt if the bind weed!

    Thanks for partying with us.

    xo Jane

  2. Love your arrangement! It is so nice to find a flower or two when you expected that there are none.

  3. What a beautiful arrangement! You hit bull's eye with that one.

  4. Very pretty. The perfect late Summer bouquet.

  5. What a gorgeous bunch of flowers. I love the look of such casual arrangements...very countryish.

  6. The single hydrangea is the glass vase is so elegant.

  7. Very pretty! I think zinnias have to be one of my favorite annuals. The roses are very pretty too. I'm ready to give up on my roses.

    1. Know what you mean about the roses ... have only had the one little mini for years now. Ssuddenly, tho, i find myself wanting a David Austin. A little research is isn order ...

  8. Gorgeous. My parents grew a buddelia in that lighter purple colour, it went crazy. I loved it as a child. Thanks for reminding me!

  9. I love the combination of colours in your arrangement. I miss the buddleia I used to grow in my old, larger garden.
    Penny x

  10. You and Jane always put together the most beautiful arrangements! The colors on this one look lovely :)