Saturday, September 8, 2012

Of Plans and Deadlines

It seems like life - at least my life - is just a series of plans and deadlines.  I have both for work, both for the garden and both for my personal life.  For the most part, there's no reason to share the first with you.  Work is work and nothing special.  Altho I do love my job, I am happy every afternoon to walk away from it. 
See the salvia on the left?  I thought it was an annual variety.
Plans for the garden are big for me, and I just assume that you are every bit as interested!  Plans for the personal life are a bit less definite most days.  Actually, I think Mitchell is in charge of those!

Ah, but deadlines.  It seems to me there are two types of people when it comes to deadlines.  There are those who look at a deadline and then file it away until 24 or 48 hours ahead.  These are the folks who pull all-nighters to write term papers or study for final exams or prepare a sales presentation for the big clients.  When I sold for Xerox all the most successful salesmen were in this group. 
The same salvia came up in the perennials this spring.
The other group looks at the deadline and then looks at the task and breaks it down into smaller tasks, assigns interim deadlines, starts today, and has the project done two or three days early so that they have time to let it sit and then take a final look at it.  All of the successful saleswomen at Xerox were in this group.  Actually, I have often wondered what it was about their hiring practice that caused that dichotomy.

I am definitely in the latter group.  I have already laid out my plans for the fall garden:  re-do and then seed the cutting garden, re-do the area where the crabtree came out, take out an overgrown section of daylilies and move some of them to the front yard, plant new perennials to replace the daylilies, and deadhead, deadhead, deadhead.  

Now, suddenly, I have a deadline.  It all has to be done by October 4th.  Wow!  What can be put off until later?  The deadheading definitely can.  Moving the overgrown daylilies can also wait, but I really do want it done now.   But, then I can wait on the re-planting until spring.  And, the cutting garden is a "must be done".  And, good news.  I finished re-planting around the crabapple today.

I moved five of them out of the pots on the deck and into the garden - where the crabapple used to be.
There it is, then.  Re-do and plant the cutting garden and clear out the over-grown daylilies now.  Wait until spring to replant in the cleared space and to deadhead.  I love a plan!


  1. I love plans. Couldn't do without them, even when retired. I presume you do "Lists" as well :-)?

    So what's magic about October 4, other than that it is World Animal Day? Looks like you have a lot on your garden plate, but plans make it happen.

    1. World Animal Day - i like that. Detils soon...

  2. Webb, I saw the most beautiful cutting garden while in Ireland. I immediately thought of you and your garden. I am afraid I do not fit into the typical description of the planner you described. I do plan, and I do tend to break it up into small task, however, once I begin I will work feverishly until completed. If I finish early, I will usually find something I don't like and I break it all down and begin again at the last minute. I can never walk away; there is always something to improve upon. Thus I find I often procrastinate. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    1. I was very jealous of your trip to ireland. It's on my list. Was surprised that you got away this time of year.

  3. I'm definitely a plan ahead kind of girl. I love a good project! :)