Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Workday

The children are leaving home.  
I know they do this every August or September and as good mothers we push them out the door - out to make their way in the world.  If we've done right by them, they will prosper and hopefully multiply.

It only took a few minutes to dig out half of two large clumps - clearing the walkway and creating nearly a dozen rhizomes to share.

Shake off the dirt, let them dry over night in the shed, and they are ready to box up and send off.
Off to new homes in Florida and Rhode Island.  Travel safely!


  1. Beautiful! Summer is not even over and I'm already looking forward to next spring!

  2. What gorgeous iris! If only ....

    It is always great to give, and to receive. Lucky recipients!

  3. How do you even go about shipping irises? And once you do ship them, how do you go about replanting them? This is fascinating to me!

    1. First, I didn't know that I was requiring a "prove you're not a robot" - hate them!! Will try to turn it off.

      Well, I let them dry out overnight and shook off the dirt; put them in a plastic bag, inside a box and shipped. Had planned to use vermiculite as packing, but the boxes were full enough that I didn't.

      To plant, you "dig" a bed about 4 - 6 inches deep and then "nestle" them in until they are about half way into the soil and the tiny roots are covered. You leave the rhizomes sitting half above ground and then water them in. They look weird, but they put out enough tiny roots to keep themselves "grounded". It's easy peasy. Want some?? They should grow in with the blue grass ...

  4. Also...I must be going blind. The "prove you aren't a robot" characters are getting harder and harder for me to see. That last publish took 3 tries. Sheesh.

  5. Thanks for the reminder to make some divisions of my iris rhizomes. My clumps have grown a lot the past two years and they can stand some division and sharing.