Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Time

This is the time of year when I annually search for something to say in this blog.  I question why I write.  Am I a garden blogger?  Most likely, but i don't really have any expertise.  All i know came from the Wise Women who taught me over the years - and continue to teach me now.  This time of year, there's nothing happening outside, so i find myself at a loss for ideas to contribute.  
Am I a cooking blogger?  Clearly not!  I work at home, so i can't blog about life in the workplace.  Style?  nope!  Travel?  not likely.  Commentary on current events?  Not!

i like to think of myself as part of the vast world of blogger friends, but am not sure that i contribute much to the conversation [especially since i can't comment from my tablet and find myself using it more and more]. I don't want to just crawl into my chair, bury myself in a book [actually, i do like that idea!] and not post until spring, so i need a holiday project.  

This year it will be wreaths.

It seems like the Thanksgiving weekend is the start of serious decorating for Christmas in the States.  Except that, as i have been looking for interesting wreaths to share, i am not finding many yet. 
This charming wreath was in the downtown square of Harrisonburg, Virginia, where we vacationed for a few days early last week.  The wreath was pretty enough, but it was the whole little "summer house" that caught my eye.

Stay tuned.  There will be plenty more before the month ends. 


  1. Hmmm, and I was thinking it was just me with bloggers block! Good idea, I can't wait to see the wreaths from the south or wherever you find them.

  2. I certainly think of you as a garden blogger. I am looking forward to your wreaths posting, it is where I could use some inspiration.

  3. You are both too kind. Blogger's Block is a good name. Everyone gets it, but mine lasts for about 4 months every winter! An having trouble getting good photos without stalking people and sneaking into their yards.