Monday, January 13, 2014

FITH - A Surprise

"Who are you? and, what have you done with my wife?"
That was Mitchell's reaction to the flowers that appeared in the dining room yesterday.

On Christmas Eve I cut the first camellia, so I headed back there to cut lots for the house.  Easy!
Not so much.  None, nothing, zip.  
Apparently the camellias were vortexed last week.

That's ok.  There should be plenty of hellebores by now. 
Again, zip!

That's why they sell flowers. 

The pink ones were all pale and insipid.
The corals ones looked brash and sassy, way over the top.

But, the pale yellow, white and green Gerberas and chrysanthemums were just right. 

They screamed "spring" to me.

So, home they came ... 
... along with a little hyacinth for beside my chair. 
A girl can change her mind, can't she?

Thanks to Jane for hosting Flowers in the House.  Hope over  there and see who else is playing.  
It's always fun!


  1. A little sunshine in the house, and some lovely spring fragrance!

  2. You've come a long way baby!

    Lovely and screaming spring.

    That hyacinth is going to smell delish.

    Wouldn't be a party without you Webb.

    xo j

  3. Both of us enjoying our little pots of hyacinth across the pond from one another! Shall think of you when mine comes into bloom! x

  4. Lovely spring flowers! Gerberas are my favorite! :o)

  5. Pretty! (Sorry your flowers were vortexes.)

  6. Ah, hyacinth season. One of my favorites. They are so intoxicatingly divine!

  7. This looks like a much missed summer!!

  8. I agree, I think I need a little pot of hyacinth too. Lovely

  9. Sunshine in a vase! The fragrance of the hyacinth is wafting through the screen. Pretty, pretty! Smiles...Susan

  10. Lovely sunny colours and potted hyacinths are just gorgeous to bring inside. It will soon be time to plant them here!

  11. Webb, I love yellow flowers. They always make me smile. Your arrangement mad me very happy. Thank you, Christa