Thursday, March 20, 2014

It Happened one Day ...

actually, it happened today. 

Did you see it?  I did.  
I stood out on my porch until 1:14 Eastern DST to be sure that the sun managed to cross my meridian.  I was not about to trust the generic time zone this year.  Not after the winter we have .... endured. 

Happy Spring!

Actually, it does look like spring right this minute. 
Daffodil 'Tete a' Tete' coming up everywhere.

A few hyacinths.  Somehow they never seem as tall and "fancy" outside, but I love them still.
 Even the day lilies are breaking ground. 
 And, it appears that the David Austin rose 'Sister Elizabeth' is going to make it.

 Inside, there is joy as well. 

We had a guest for dinner last night, so i stopped by the local flower market for some house flowers, and wonder of wonders ...


Thanks to Bow Street Flowers i knew that the ranuncs from Israel are now available - at least in Boston - so i asked.  These are a bit over the hill, but they are all mine.  Life is good. 

Maybe we can make it past next week's potential snow storm and finally feel like spring.


  1. I love the ranunculus. I could actually grow them when living in Texas. I haven't tried here. I don't think I am too far ahead of you. The flowers in my opening picture are mini Iris. The bulbs were about dime size. I really didn't know what to expect, but am smitten. Wish you a beautiful Spring. Bonnie

    1. Will add those tiny iris to my wish list for 2015 - I have a place that needs them! Love, love, love the ranuncs, but they just will not grow here. Have tried for several years with a total of ONE bloom! Don't know if it's the humid summers (Texas has those, too) or the clay soil, or what ... but they are not even a good annual - forget perennial. And, very seldom available from local florests. That, i do not understand.

  2. The winter not withstanding, you did get to see The Sun today! Always a good moment. Happy Spring to you.

    I love seeing the bulbs peeking out, I miss them here.

    Beautiful arrangement, I am sure your guest felt honored.

  3. I really look forward to the spring-flowering bulbs. We have daffodils and crocuses but they are late this year. Wonderful photos of yours.