Monday, March 3, 2014

Lion or Lamb?

I'll leave to it others to figure out where the saying "If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a Lamb" came from.  Apparently the sentiment has been around since the 1600's; the Farmer's Almanac subscribes to it; and it has a climate/meteorological basis, etc. etc. 

What I want to know is ...  
what did we get this year?
On March 1st (Saturday) it was mid- 50's here - sunny and breezy.  We spent the whole afternoon watching "Prince Igor" from the Met, so didn't get to enjoy it much, but even at 4:30 it was still warm enough to sit outside "our" Starbucks for an iced coffee.  
Definitely lamb territory.

Sunday, March 2 was even better.  In the 60's by 10 a.m. and highs bumping on 70 degrees; a great day for working in the garden
 ... before the rain came and the temperature plummeted.
And, then this morning ... sleet and freezing rain early and snow, snow, snow by 9 a.m.  They are predicting 3 - 6 inches.  It's coming down solidly, so we could reach that amount by afternoon.  It's a lovely white ... like a lamb.  But, if i remember that this air mass has made its way all the way across the country dumping rain on California - way too much, way too fast - then snow all across the plains and now sleet and freezing rain here.  That's definitely Lion Country.  The last one included "thunder snow".  If we get that again, we will definitely hear it roar. 

What i really want to know is ... when will it be over?  this awful winter?  Please, please, please let this be the last lion!  Long live the lamb!


  1. I think the snow Gods read your last post. I hope you made out OK and that it melts quickly.

  2. You have certainly been hammered this year. Not fair to give you a taste of spring and then dump more snow. How about an "all lamb" March? I would settle for that, we have pinky-nail sized apples on the trees already and peaches cannot be far behind. Hold the frost, please!

  3. It has been very much the lion's territory here. I can only hope he is replaced by the lamb, and soon! I hope your week is going well! Bonnie