Sunday, April 20, 2014

Resurrection Day

It's a glorious day in the Commonwealth!
A former boss of mine was almost famous for saying that ... even if the sunshine was of the cold, dark, rainy sort.  But today he would be right.  It's in the mid- 60's, full sun, birds chirping and generally all's right with the world. 

For years I have said that gardeners clearly believe in a higher power .... the fact that we put seeds and bulbs in the ground year after year and expect something wonderful to happen is proof enough.
On this day when Christians are celebrating their risen Lord, it's also a day for celebrating the garden we live in and the promise of spring finally come and summer on the way. 
My small celebration is this pot of bulbs that has decided to grace me with blooms.  In November when I planted them, I did not put much faith in results, but I have been proven wrong.  I had hoped for a 25% return, and I already have that with the tulips and scilla.  There's still the possibility of freesia and ranunculus yet to come.  And, boy! am i glad. 
It's indeed a glorious day!

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  1. Happy Easter Webb. What a pot full of goodness!

    xo J