Monday, May 19, 2014

Flowers in the House

Jane's call to arms sent me out to the peony bed.  Despite heavy - and I do mean heavy! - rains and way too much wind over the past week, the peonies have just bloomed their little heads off!  Way too many blossoms have ended up on the ground, but I have been out cutting them as often as possible.
Even Mitchell noticed how good the house has been smelling. 
Am learning to cut them a little sooner than in previous years, and they seem to be doing well inside.  Today I added some native penstemon [penstemon digitalis] as well as agastache 'Ava' and some leaves from Solomon's seal.  There was one "odd" Dutch iris.  It's not one that I have ever planted, so must have been bird-planted or blown in, but I like it and it lasts longer in the vase than the rest that I have. 
There's one peony that I'm particularly interested in seeing "open".  It's the dark bud that looks a bit like a rose.  It has never bloomed before and so I don't know what it really looks like.  The bud is nearly as dark as the 'Scarlette O'Hara' peony that I love so much.  That one bloomed briefly, but got pounded by the rains and didn't make it to a photo shoot this year. 

Thanks to Jane at Small but Charming for hosting and organizing us!


  1. Beautiful arrangements. You lucked out that the rains didn't destroy them, heavy rain does such a number on peonies.

  2. What a gorgeous arrangement! I wish I could grow peonies but I was not even successful in the PNW. I had no idea they were fragrant too. Just lovely, Webb!

  3. Glorious--reminds me of a Dutch still life.

  4. It seems like I can smell your peonies but actually tit's my peonies I'm inhaling.

    What a lovely thing to share, scented beauties.

    Your arrangement is just perfect.

    Where were you Mothers day?

    xo J

    1. Mother's Day is actually our wedding anniversary, so we took a couple days off and just relaxed. Took in a bit of Shakespeare and had a couple of good dinners. Life is good.

  5. Pretty, pretty pink and purples! The green leaves are the perfect accent! Stunning arrangement, Webb!

  6. The rain always seems to know just when the peonies bloom. And if it's not rain, it's the 90-degree temps that make them fall apart in a day. But it's that heavenly scent that makes us try year after year to get just one more whiff.

  7. That is a gorgeous arrangement, Webb. The color combo is very sweet. AHHH, I can smell it! I grow lots of peonies because I absolutely adore them.

  8. Gorgeous! I adore peonies... I am curious about the rose-looking one too.