Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cancelled on Account of Heat!

Absolutely no work was done this Wednesday.  Heat has rolled into Central Virginia like July, instead of June.  All that got done was watering the veggie and herb gardens.
Don't know what variety this clematis is, but it's always the last to bloom.  Some of the early varieties are into their second bloom already.
But we are coming into the prettiest part of the summer, so i did make time to visit a few things. 
These water iris don't last long, but are so pretty for a few days.
The "red" day lilies are starting to bloom.
Had planned to do a bit more in the top of this planter,  but the heat caught me.  If it cools off, I still may add something else.   This is Echinacea 'Double Scoop' PPAF - gorgeous!  All those spring bulbs are underneath.
Even the shade plants are cooperating.  This hosta has more than doubled this year. 
Hope things are pretty in your garden, too!


  1. Just call it "summer" when it is hot like that. That means that it is time to enjoy, rather than work. Love all those flowers in your garden; the late clematis is lovely against the red shed.

  2. These are the days when it good to catch a breather and relax. That's why books and gin & tonics were invented...

  3. Oh God last week was a nightmare. Glad we didn't have to play soccer in that humidity.

    Your garden is full of loveliness. Keep a hold of the hose, more frightful weather coming.

    xo J

  4. Well, E and I managed to not melt during our morning workouts last week but I have to say, I was none too happy to see that my car read 77 degrees when we went today. Not 88. Send that heat on its way. I would like to order up some 70's or low 80's for our trip, please!! And I love the echinacea! Can you harvest it and use it?

  5. Also, your friend with the gin and tonics up there? Let's party with her!