Monday, September 1, 2014

Hot, hot, hot Flowers in the Housebll

Summer has returned to Central Virginia after an extending vacation somewhere in the middle of the country.  Yesterday the August heat and humid came slip sliding back into town.  How can I complain, tho, when it arrived on the next to the last day of the month?  It begs the question of what September will be like, but for now I shall proceed fat, dumb and happy and assume that September will be like .... well, September. 

The next question is: "So, what's in bloom in the garden?"  Answer: "Not a heck of a lot!"  
Most of the summer flowers are looking tired and spent and the fall blooms are still lying in wait for cooler nights.  In two weeks there will be plenty of chrysanthemums and some asters, but right now everything's just waiting - mostly for rain.

Except for the zinnias!  Wonderful zinnias.  The pinks that I put in as bedding plants in May are complaining of thirst, but the seeds are another story.  There's just one small problem ... they are yellow, and red and .... oh, horrors! ... orange! 

 I do not grow orange flowers. [And, i avoid red when I can.  Yellow is ok, in very small numbers and carefully placed.]  Last year they were  two shades of pink mixed with cream, but somehow I ordered the wrong mix this year.  They are gloriously happy in the cutting garden and brought a hot, hot, hot rush of color into the house. 

The only little bit of cool I managed to bring in was this bit of heliotrope that was growing in a pot on the deck.  Add a couple of tiny dahlias and some silver-white salvia and how much cooler could I want?  [I think the heliotrope will not last long in a vase, but the fragrance is worth trying!]

With Labor Day literally just over the horizon, summer is gone, but there is so much to look forward to in the fall.  Come have a cuppa on the shady deck and let's enjoy just one more hazy, hot and humid summer afternoon.  And, we'll still smell the heliotrope.

Thanks to Jane for hosting us again this month.  Be sure to stop by her house and see what's happening there. 


  1. I am not a fan of orange flowers either, and much prefer blue, purple, pink. But you have to admit that your little zinnia bouquet is lovely and very cheerful.

  2. I love flowers of all colors. I think your hot hot hot flowers are beautiful! I bet they brought lots of energy into your house. Zinnias are such cheerful flowers that require so little attention. They always make me smile. Have a great weekend. :)