Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Workday

Two days before Halloween and all the work that got done in the garden today was to wander around in wonder that it still looks so good.  Fall is finally here, altho it was 85 yesterday and 75 today.  Tomorrow night will be 40, tho, so the times they are a changing .... and soon. 

In a way, i will welcome the cooler weather and in a way it will make me sad. This long warm and dry fall makes me wonder if we will soon be changing our expectations of the seasons - we haven't had a normal one in nearly two years now.  So, what will the new "normal" be?

It's been unseasonably dry this September and October [am still watering the garden] so our "color" is mostly muddy this year, altho the crepe myrtle and dogwood (above) look pretty. 

Am getting the last blooms of the roses and the panicle-type hydrangeas have lasted well.
The David Austin Rosa 'Sister Elizabeth' looks wonderful after a summer of struggling with critters and black spot.  
The new hydrangea 'Little Lime' is still blooming, even while the older blossom heads dry nicely on the plant. 
The last of the fall blossoms are finally out, as well.   We moved this daisy-type chrysanthemum from the old house 15 years ago, and have moved her around several times.  She still blooms reliably. 
Chrysanthemum rubellum 'Clara Curtis'
And, then there are the surprises:  Flowers on the blueberry bush ...

and a few Pincushion flowers ...
Scabiosa c. 'Butterfly Blue'
and, most intriguing of all ... the ranunculus that I planted last fall for spring blooming (which did absolutely nothing) has put up greenery.  It will be killed by the winter cold and will not bloom, but it did try.  [That is, one of 15 tried.  It is not in the cards that ranunculus will thrive and bloom here.]

So, I cut a handful of hydrangeas for the table and was very happy with my wanderings.

Let the goblins come!

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  1. Your fall is so colorful, I love the changing of the seasons though we do not have that here so much. Lovely to still see plants in bloom; my roses are finally cranking out some flowers now that it is not so warm (80's, 70's)