Thursday, March 26, 2015

At Last!

No need to tell you it's been a weird winter and spring seems reluctant to appear - you've had your own issues wherever you are.  It just is what it is this year ... just like last year and the one before.

Today, I finally took trowel in hand and actually planted something!  The ground is just the right temperature for the leafy greens and early herbs - specifically Romaine lettuce, flat-leaf parsley and basil.  And, they seem to thrive in this raised bed.

There is also this lovely little trio of arugula plants that wintered over.  I was able to pick leaves even in the snow, and after a little clean up of old and dry looking stems, they are ready to keep on going.  I suspect they will not survive our hot and humid summer, but is a certainty that I will plant more this summer.

And, of course, no veggie (or herb) garden would be complete without its own little anti-rabbit fence.

Otherwise, a few things are already up and perky.  This is the bed I renovated last fall - removing years' worth of creeping euonymus and ivy.  I planted Creeping Jenny  ( Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea') and Tete a Tete daffodils, and the plan seems to be working.

The daffs are in full bloom and the Jenny is coming up.  This area will take irrigation, since the elm tree sucks up all the moisture, but I have found a system that I think will work and is not too expensive, so will be ordering it in the next week or two.

[Have you noticed that DIY irrigation has become much more available, with many more choices, and at reasonable prices?  While I would love to just call someone in to do the entire yard, it now seems like a silly waste of money give all the alternatives.]

This front bed is full of little bulbs - mostly crocus and the Tete a Tete daffodils right now, but I just planted snow drops last weekend - three varieties - and have been putting all my hyacinths out there after I've finished with them inside.  Several came up early this year and, except for some cold damage to their scapes, they have done well.  I have several more to plant this weekend.

The blueberry bush is simply covered with buds!  Like 100 times more than ever before.  I've had trouble with the birds getting all the berries in past year, but have a plan for a much larger netting cover this year, so maybe ...

This morning I just happened to pass a Big Orange Box Store and a few small perennials fell into my basket.  It's supposed to be cold tomorrow, but Saturday looks good for digging a few more holes. 
Although I am finally in the mood to blog, I am finding that my job is interfering this spring.  Am already training my replacement, so it's more difficult to pop outside to check on progress in the garden and to take photos.  And, most of the real digging will have to take place on weekends and be more weather-dependent. 

A small price to pay for the retirement date that is looming not-very-far over the horizon!  Am sure you will forgive me. 


  1. Hi! those arugula plants are so lovely...

    1. And, spicy yummy, too! Was amazed they wintered over with little apparent damage.

  2. Glad to see that Spring has finally sprung for you. I love seeing those bulbs: the crocuses (croci?) are just popping!

    Being a big opponent of bird netting because I have caught anything from song birds to rattlesnakes, and since your blueberry is in a pot, perhaps you could make a cage of chicken wire around it to keep the birds off. I know, you did not ask … Sorry :-\.

    1. Great suggestion. Had not thought of "catching" the birds, simply keeping them off, but chicken wire would do the same thing if it has a small mesh. Will see what I can find. Thanks.

  3. You’re so lucky. We still have snow on the ground and the weather is threatening snow showers today. But I have seen a couple of daffodil shoots coming up so I know we’ll catch up soon.

  4. It's still 10 - 15 degrees below normal, but at least things are waking up and next week promises to be warmer - early March temperatures, instead of mid-February. It's about time, since it's freaking April!!