Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Non-Project Project

It started off simply enough.

Things are coming up nicely now.  

The plum bloomed last week and is already gone. 

Lilacs and wisteria are blooming next door.  The dogwoods are open and the azaleas right behind them.  The viburnum coming out.  All in all, things are looking good and the weather has finally moved into spring-mode. 

So, one small assignment for Saturday:  just rake out a few leaves and then maybe spread a bit of mulch.  Nothing difficult - 45 minutes max. 

Can you see where some critter has eaten the blooms, but left the leaves and stems?  Nice clean teeth marks!

I raked.  I carried leaves to the compost pile.  And, that uncovered the pachysandra had grown into the path, so ....

I pulled out the errant pachysandra, and made a quick trip to the Big Blue Box store to get rock, and then ....

I spread rocks.  

Now it was clear that some of the azaleas were dead,  and the hosta was gone.  I made a second quick trip to the Big Blue Box store for pink [what else?] azaleas and a hosta. 

I planted them, and then finally spread the mulch.  Forty-five minutes?  More like five hours!

Ah, the life of a gardener!


  1. But it looks awesome!!!! My friends (both of them architects) purchased a 1900's home a couple of years ago. When doing a home improvement project, they think about how long the project should take, double that amount of time, and then don't start it if the Big Blue Box Store will be closed by the time they finish. Excellent rule of thumb!!

  2. Oh yes, I do identify! "Just" is a "dirty" word. Amazing how you can spend a whole day spending "just 20 minutes" :-}.

    All those blooms look magnificent.

  3. Beautiful! Don't you just love getting back into the garden. Last year I cleaned up my entire garden in one day. The next morning I woke up with shoulder pain that lasted at least six weeks. So this year I've been spending a couple of hours every weekend. I'm on week four and still not done, but my shoulder is pain free. Some times we can only do what we can and the end result is still gorgeous.