Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Quiet Sunday Morning ... You Know Where

After 10 days of blistering mid-90's with high humidity (good weather to stay inside and curl up with a book), it was in the 60's this morning and the garden was the perfect place to be. 

I love to get out there before the first direct rays of the sun hit the garden.

I'm lucky that a line of very tall trees two yards over give me an extra 20 minutes of shade before the sun crests them. 

In the shady parts of the garden, there was still lots of dew on leaves and flowers. 

Blueberries were ready for harvesting.  This is actually my second harvest, and I think I will get a third.  It was enough to put on my cereal. They are tiny but quite flavorful.  Hope that future crops will be both greater in quantity and larger berries.

Some of the clematis are reblooming.  My favorite is this one that climbs the mailbox post.

Tomatoes are growing like Topsy.  We are almost at the point of breaking into neighbors' homes and leaving them on the counters ... but not quite.   Soon the Romas will be ripening enough to start the roasting process for winter sauce. 

Apparently the critters - we think this was the ground hog - are liking them, too.   I'm leaving it out there for a couple of days in the hope that he will continue to dine on this one and not help himself to others.   It's starting to get dry, so he may be looking for water. 

The first dahlias bloomed this week ... not the colors I remember planting, but lovely none the less. 

And, I painted my nails. 

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Nice that you are able to enjoy your garden labors! It all looks lovely. It is warm here too, and not as rainy as I would like although the hillsides have greened up.

    Whoa! Painted nails! Never done that, probably because I have gardener's hands :-).

    1. The ails won't last a week if I do much weeding, but it's fun to do something silly. Hope all is well chez you.

  2. We got one of those lovely days yesterday here in northern Virginia. I did a lot of yard work! Unfortunately, the humidity is back up today. I am also having a tomato war with some critter but I was blaming the squirrels. I haven't seen the culprit but the evidence is always under the tree at the foot of the driveway!

  3. I don't do much with my nails in summer because of the weeding, but it is fun to give yourself a manicure every now and then. Your blueberries sound wonderful and your clematis is gorgeous. My garden is looking a little scorched which is a bit surprising since the summer here has been mild. Also in case you are wondering the purple martins have left for the year. So sad.