Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hope You are Seeing ....

.... some of this in your "neck of the woods".

A surprising second flush of blooms on the camellia.  Lots of winter damage, but still the imperative to bloom must be really strong. 

Too soon, too soon. 

If the frost next week is not too heavy, we really may have turned the corner.  One can only hope. 


  1. Wow! Happy Spring to you and all those beautiful flowers! I am holding my breath a bit too and hope that frosts remain at bay: the apricots are pinky nail size :-}. Hope you are getting lots of gardening in.

    1. Apricots! my weakness. Protect them at all costs ... build a house around them, maybe?

      They are predicting 35 for Sunday and Monday nights, so it will be close. Most things should be fine there, but so much is budding out and at least two-to-three weeks early. it will either be spectacular or everything will get killed. only time will tell.

      Good luck there, too.

  2. So far, so good. Lore has it in the desert that once the mesquite trees leaf out, there will be no more frost. I am hoping they are right as I am seeing leafy beginnings.