Friday, April 10, 2009

49 Year Old Linus

What is it with Facebook and all the games? and where do folks find the time to play them?

I joined Facebook some time ago in hopes of locating a friend from high school. Altho I did not locate her, I did find a number of people from both high school and college and then a bunch of folks from my recently closed employer. Initially it was fun to easily stay in touch with everyone, but now when I go there - less and less often - I find comments about comments from folks I don't know and not much direct communication from anyone. Most of what I get is challenges to take a quiz or play a game.

Recently I have tried playing Word Twist. I actually like this one, and think that with practice one could get good at it. I have three friends who play a lot, but they have lots of practice on me, so my scores are comparatively awful! I may invest some time in getting better so that I can actually compete with them.

Otherwise, you will be relieved to know that I am a 49-year old Linus, with an above average IQ and Jimmy Choos. My element is "air" and I have joined a sorority and gotten a really pretty prom dress. All in answer to challenges and invitations from friends. There are about 40 more that I could do, but I really ran out of steam - to say nothing of interest - after about 30 minutes.

So, Friends, please stop challenging me and inviting me. I would much prefer to know what's going on in your life and how you are.

But, getting back to Linus for a minute. Would you believe that Wikipedia has three pages - six sections - on Linus? Having read it, I think maybe I like being Linus. Apparently Linus is the philosopher and theologian for the Peanuts gang. He invented a quasi-religious being - the Great Pumpkin. Altho he has tried hard to spread the word to others, only he had maintained his faith. While his security blanket might have once been considered a weakness, over time he used it more as a weapon - think starwars light stick - than as a crutch, and remember that he actually originated the expression "security blanket". I think I will stick with Linus. At least I'm not Lucy!

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