Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Altho not my longest standing friend, Elizabeth has been one of my best - nearly forever. We met the first week of college, roomed together our senior year, and lived only blocks apart in grad school. She took me home for Thanksgivings in an age when travel to my home took too long for a weekend trip, and she tried to teach me to make good spaghetti sauce - like her mother's. She taught me to save, and to drink Cuba Libras. Later it was brunch in Georgetown with mimosas, and today it's a quiet chat over a glass of good red wine.

She was there for all the big things in my life - falling in love - and out of it, losing my virginity, buying my first house and finally, she stood next to me when I married the right man - and she, too, objected to the judge saying "and obey"!

We traveled together as girls and have spent vacations together with our husbands. She married a humdinger and inherited a wonderful son, whom she loves unconditionally. I can imagine us having rooms together in "the home" twenty years from now.

She's always been just a phone call or an email away. And she is always available to listen when I need to talk. Never judgmental, only probing to help me figure out how I really feel. She's a Wise Woman who is well-grounded, and as giving in spirit as anyone I know.

So, Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. Enjoy your day. Walk on the beach. I love you.

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