Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Blogaversary!

A year ago, I awoke to one of those Currier & Ives mornings - eight inches of pristine snow filling the landscape and the quiet that comes from unplowed roads and canceled schools. It was the inspiration I needed to write my first blog.

I had been following Ms. Carolyn Bender for quite a while and a few of the blogs that she was reading, but just didn't know how to start. I had grandiose ideas of writing fine essays and literate criticism, but it didn't work out that way. I wanted to look at things from the viewpoint of one who is close to retiring and how the issues of the day affect me, but somehow that never happened. In August I got frustrated with what I saw as "me, me, me" and quit writing for a while. I didn't stop reading tho. By then I had found many good blogs, written by interesting people - all but one of whom are women. I had come to love the daily/weekly peeks into their lives; to see what they were doing; what they were thinking; what was going well; what was going poorly. I had come to care about these strong and interesting women and their lives. And I realized that my writing about my feelings was as authentic as their writing about theirs. Don't need to write essays or criticism - altho I am sure that would be ok, too.

So thanks to Ms. Bender, and Charlene, and PinkFairyGran, and Marie, and Allyson, and Savvy Working Girl and Elizabeth and all the rest of you who have responded, commented, given me ideas, given me encouragement, and just come and visited from time to time. And, thanks, too, for the awards. You know if you gave me one, and you know I have not passed them along. I haven't felt like I read enough different blogs and don't want to re-name the talented folks you have already named.

You have helped to create a monster and I'm going to enjoy another year sitting on the Garden Bench.

In a complete advertisement... I'm still writing my other blog - ItsMyGardenVa - about gardening in Central Virginia. If you happen to have an interest in that.... come visit. Spring is getting ready to spring and I actually know something about that!


  1. I'm so glad to have stumbled across you! Or maybe you across me. Either way, it has worked out and I enjoy your blog thoroughly. I love hearing about the goings-on of other people's lives. It gives me ideas, gives me hope, makes me take pause...riveting literary criticism or no. And congrats on making it to your first blogoversary! It's a rare thing to stick it out for a year and I look forward to sharing your 2nd blogoversary with you, too! Me and gardening have a VERY love-hate relationship...basically I love to look at it and I hate to work at it. But when spring finally springs here in KY, I'm sure I'll pop over for some inspiration. We're bound to have the same soil, right?

  2. Congratulations on your first blogavesary! So glad we've met. Can't wait to follow along with our gardens. Soon, repeat,soon.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my latest posting, and congratulations on the first anniversary.
    The writing is taking a back seat today, this particular Wednesday has been a bitch so far, and it's only eleven am! The hairdryer blew up in my hand this morning and the pain killers I took are kicking in and making me sleepy now... and then I broke my husband's favourite bone china tea mug... good thing we have a duplicate, though why we do, I don't know!

  4. Congratulations on your 1st blogaversary! What an insightful look at your first year. Blogging consistently is much harder than it looks; I’m glad you stayed with it. Good luck during your 2nd year.

  5. Sorry to reply to this so late - I wish I could say I have been blogging, but only begging other people to blog. Congratulations on staying with it. It is so easy not to do, as one wonders whether anyone is "out there." This time next year someone will be celebrating their anniversary and citing you as inspiration. And that is just how the Sisterhood works.
    Happy planting!

  6. Thanks to all. You're what keeps me coming back.

  7. (Very belated)congratulations...keep blogging!