Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympics - One Last Thing

You didn't think I could leave the Olympics entirely without a comment on the fashions of the fans, did you? While there were more hockey fans with interesting clothing than in the other sports, I believe that is because they have more experience. How's this for a visual?

I have always wanted to be a redhead, but think that the Afro has been done before - and better - so perhaps these fellows would have benefited from a bit of styling.

One would think that anyone who planned a trip to Vancouver in February would plan on weather-appropriate attire. Clearly the folks at the Olympics had thought about it, but who wants to wear a poncho that was purchased at 1,000 for $2.00?

I very much like this hat. Can't really tell if it suits his face shape or not, since it appears to be a bit large and sits a bit too low, but it was a good choice for a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest.

Better hair than the 'fros above. The long straight look is also a bit yesterday, but I like the shade a lot. The white version makes him look old and would be improved with some "dark lights". Do you find that term as odd as I do? But it's what my hairdresser says...

I particularly like the glasses, altho am not sure that they actually saw anything.

More glasses, and I like these better. The horizontal "lines" certainly allow her to see, and I like the red in the center - over the nose.

This guy has done it all - great glasses (beware! Sallie Jessie Raphael may come after those) and good hair - not as big as the first fro, so more now, instead of "then". He is also wearing THE fashion accessory of the games - the maple leaf mittens. Apparently these sold out almost immediately and are in much demand. If you come by a pair, let me know...

Canadian fans were not alone in their fervor. When I see this face I keep wondering, "doesn't it itch?" And if one scratches it... how does one not mix the colors. I have visions of a pink face on one side and purple on the other. You gotta give him points for this.

And without a doubt, the best "outfit" of all. I think a little waxing would have improved the overall effect, but have you ever seen plumber pants in the front? And, I wonder why it's blue and green and not red and white? I keep hoping his mother doesn't see this photo, but he does win the "Most Impressive Fan Fashion" award.

And, that's the final word on the 2010 Olympics.


  1. Sorry your commentary is over. Looking forward to what catches your fancy next.

  2. I know...I'm sad to see this end, too. And Cher @ The Only Girl is Canadian and landed herself a pair of those Canadian mittens. Maybe y'all can work out a deal. The outfits are always my favorite. It's kind of like watching a 5K to see what everyone runs to wear in. My fave? Flag Face. Because what everyone needs in this world is more cowbell.