Saturday, May 8, 2010

House Guests....

of the Finch Variety.

So, I'm a little late doing some things this year. It was the middle of March before I was ready to take down the holiday wreaths from the front porch. It was still cold and I was feeling festive, so what's an extra six weeks or so?

Unfortunately, by the time I got around to taking them down, I discovered that neighborhood finches had built in the wreath. Actually, it's a great location, location, location - protection on two sides and a roof, railing for parental perching, and good sight lines to nearby trees. Perhaps as importantly, it had been recently redecorated (in November), so nothing needed to be done, except to bring in a twig or two.

If I were a finch, I would have given it serious thought. Not being a finch, I was a bit excited to see that we would have feathered babes to watch over the spring months. But then... nothing. As quickly as it appeared, the parents left. I assumed that their financing had fallen thru, or that Fannie Mae had rejected their application, or one of them lost his/her job. You know how it is in the housing market these days.

Today a workman commented on my bird's nest. Guess I need to point out that two more months have passed and I still have not taken down that wreath... but I am planning to.... soon!

"Yeah. They built it and then never used it."

"No. I mean the one in the top." The one in the top??

And, there it is. Too high for me to see without a step stool. A nest and four little ones. How could I not have heard them? Now that I know they are there, I hear them a lot! I keep the door open most of the time for light in my office, and so that I can see the outside, and yet they were a complete surprise.

There are four of them. Look hard. Number four is right in the center of the pile, with his eye half closed, but you can see the yellow on his bill. They are nearly ready to fly, so but for a 6'3" visitor I would have missed them completely. They are nothing special - just house finches, but what a nice surprise to enjoy for a few days. Mom and dad are none too happy about our discovery either!

And, I have made myself a promise to take down the wreath just as soon as they are gone!


  1. There is something special about having young life around the house. Cute punk hairdos.

  2. You're so right. They are still all eyes and bills and fuzzy heads. Wish we had found them sooner. I doubt that we have more than a week before they fly off. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.

  3. It is always a priviledge to have been chosen by MOST wild creatures to host their families - most birds are okay but some of the furry kind can be a bit of a different matter.