Friday, May 7, 2010

Way to End the Week!

What a perfect day! Low 80's, low humidity and enough breeze and cloud cover to make for a classic spring day. I managed to finish two work projects by early afternoon so I could adjourn to the garden for a while, but things never work out the way you plan, do they? As much as I craved diggin' in the dirt, real work was calling my name. In the form of sealing the deck.

Mitchell bought a power washer several years ago and finally got it working this spring, so has started deep cleaning the decks - we have three. Only the smallest was ready to re-seal, but it had been "naked" for a couple of weeks and we don't have rain in the forecast for a few more days, so sealing was the name of the game. It really wasn't hard, didn't take too much time, and I was outside enjoying the day, so all in all not really a bad alternative.

Then, you know of course that the required activity after sealing any deck is sitting on another deck with a Friday libation. Hopefully it's champagne, but a good margarita will fill the bill if that's all you can round up! And of course, time to enjoy the garden.

The peonies are in full bloom now with more coming every day.

New iris open daily, and the current delight is the evening primrose. I planted it as a filler two years ago and it has come into its own this spring. Taller than I expected it has filled every nook and cranny with pale pink blossoms. If you look hard you can see the mini rose that is blooming just beyond the primroses, as well as a couple of geraniums and some Japanese iris.

There is also a stray yellow iris that came from.... well, somewhere. I will move it in July when I create an iris bed. We removed a shrub last fall and have a "bare"spot this time of year - just to the right of the bird bath. Serendipitously, I have a bunch of iris spread all around the garden and a neighbor who has offered to trade for some different colors, so I plan to pull them all together into a bed of mixed colors. It will fill the void before the hibiscus grow up and fill the space later in the summer.

So much accomplished and the weekend hasn't even begun!


  1. Those peony blooms are magnificent!

  2. Wish I could take some credit. The truth is that I just stuck them in the ground, but they sure are doing well this year. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. How familiar that sounds: trying to get a head start on the weekend. Refinishing a deck? Life must be very similar on either coast. I love your flowers! Enjoy the weekend!