Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Workday

Meet Mordacai.

Unlike his more famous cousin who ensures that your hotel stays are just perfect, and at the lowest price possible, Mordacai guards our fish.

For the past two years he has stood guard in all sorts of weather - the soaking rains and heavy snows of last winter as well as the 100-degree days this summer - with not a single complaint.

He is a calm and quiet companion in the garden; always up early when I am catching the first sun rays and weeding. Always standing still in the rain or when I water. Always protecting his friends Goldie, Big Red, Oreo, Whitie and Spot - as well as their young - from predators.

A few weeks ago I realized that all that outdoor work had rendered his garments dull and dirty looking, so I went in search of an appropriate transformation. He seems happy with his new duds and is back at work keeping my company in the garden and protecting the pond.

Thanks, Mordacai!


  1. Aw, Mordacai, you're looking mighty spiffy after your transformation. Good on ya for protecting the fishies!

  2. Mordacai is really cool. I have a couple of little ones I bought at target recently that I think I should post a picture of so they can meet Mordacai. Maybe I should give them names, too!

  3. Actually, Mordecai has informed me that I was misspelling his name - which came on the bottom of his shoe, and a quick check revealed that I was. Don't know who actually named him - guess it was his mom!

  4. He looks like he is most respectfully pleading with any potential garden intruders to stay away. I almost hear a little cockney accent.