Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Out of the Rut...

of cooking, that is.

Do you find a good recipe- or maybe an old favorite - that you make and make and make? I certainly do that, even tho I read plenty of magazines with lots of good new choices. And, I have a pile a foot deep of things that sound good, but which I haven't gotten around to trying... yet.

So the past few weeks I have been really making an effort to make at least one new thing a week. I've even made shopping lists! Two weeks ago it was Southwestern Cream of Chicken Soup - delicious the first night, but too much cheese to reheat well. Last week I tried Pork and Mushroom Stew, which was delicious, and quickly disappeared.

This week's entry was Chicken Chilaquiles Casserole. It looked so good that I meant to take a photo, but since I didn't you will have to take my word that it looked almost like the photo from the magazine! The recipe for two made plenty for two meals, so we will reheat it with chips or something over the weekend.

The real problem was that the promised 40 minutes to prepare was really an hour plus, and I used half the pots and pans that I own. Mitchell gallantly did the dishes since I had been - literally - slaving over a hot stove for so long. I liked the flavors, so will try to find a way to re-create the taste without the long prep time.

I have one more recipe chosen for next week and then it will be time to fall back on some old favorites - Chicken Chili, anyone?


Four Jazzercise programs, +0.5 pounds. Frustration.


  1. If you want a REALLY easy recipe, you can try my slow cooker chili:

    It's a recipe I rely on, especially since it's really quick to prep, and cooking is just a matter of turning on the slow cooker. I love slow cookers when it comes to easy cooking.

    I don't trust prep/cook time estimates on recipes, especially the professional recipes. They always take A LOT longer than what they say. So frustrating especially if you've budgeted your time based on the estimate. Bah!

  2. Don't get frustrated! You kept being fit with Jazzercise. Muscle weighs more than fat :-). And keep cooking. Do try the sweet potato minestrone: it does taste good and it is "skinny", as well as easy to fix.

  3. I often put on a pound or two when I'm in an adventurous phase of cooking - it's all that yummy new food around! The jazzercise is so great for heart/lungs etc, so congratulate yourself for that!xx

  4. Encouraging all. You know at a certain point all of us have been there. THanks for the support!

  5. Can I just say that the picture of that casserole looks FANTASTIC. But I don't really do hard recipes... unless it's over the weekend, then I'm game. But I love me some Chicken Chili! Need to get that one queued up and ready to go!

    Have a great Halloween, friend!

  6. Yum - that looks SO good even though I don't eat chicken. Chili is always good too! (I make a mean veggie chili if I do say so myself!)