Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sexy Shoe


This is the 2010 winner of the Sexiest Shoe contest. Can't you just see Drew Barrymore wearing it? At $2,400 it's a bit out of my league and at 5.5 inches high it's way out of my comfort zone, but if you were looking for a little something to send me for Christmas... I'm a seven.


7 classes, -.5 pound. At least it's back in the right direction


  1. Good morning. You're up early lusting after shoes....

    My feet hurt just looking at it but if i win the lottery, they're yours.

    Happy Halloween.

    xo Jane

  2. A bit out of my league ... I would get altitude sickness.

    7 classes, that's a lot. Doing well! Hang in there!

  3. I love the shoe, but could never wear it myself. Along with belly fat middle age has given me bunions.

    Seven classes are a lot, I’ve never managed more than four in one week without hurting myself. Congratulations on your -.5 pound. I'm considering joining you in 10-10-10. Despite my doctor advising me to embrace the new me, I’d like to lose 10 pounds before my niece gets married next August. Then keep it off.

  4. I didn't say I would actually wear them, 'cause my feet would rebel, but they are gorgeous! Thanks for the offers, tho.

  5. I do love that shoe, but my bunions say "excuse me, but no. Nice try." I can see it making a debut at a movie premier though. Absolutely on Drew Barrymore.

    Also getting caught up on all things Webb:
    1) With all of the traveling we have done lately, I've been adamant about checking for bed bugs. So far so good. Fantastic. But the entire thing creeps me out so badly it just makes my head itch.

    2) Christmas is the new fall. Didn't you get the memo? ;)

    3) I'm so glad you're not a call girl. That was my very first suspicion so thanking you for confirming that it's not true. ;-D

    Also, because your email is not linked to your blog, I can't email back when you comment on my blog so...
    1) We will be back to the Ft. Lee/DC area after Neal's deployment. He has a Captain's Career Course here, which will probably start around around beginning of 2013. And we love the area so much that we will try to get a permanent station here after that. DC/Williamsburg/Richmond has been very good to us thus far. We are only here until Friday morning, but I have to run up to DC area to deliver some jewelry tomorrow. Quick trip but totally in love with the area. I will absolutely let you know when we are back in town for good.

    2) My apologies for getting it wrong about "yonder". We have family in southern VA who say it so I kind of assumed. But y'know what assuming will get ya.... ;)

  6. It is sparkly but the design looks like teeth. :0)