Friday, December 31, 2010

The Most Wonderful Night of the Year!

The champagne is iced. The cheese and crackers ready to serve. The caviar is chilling, guest invited, table set, a little bling on the coffee table - everything is ready!

Our annual party is ready to kick off after dark - just the two of us. No traffic, no drunken friends or strangers, just a fun evening in front of the fire for the two of us. A tradition.

It's also the time to be thinking big thoughts for the new year. Peace and hope come to mind. Someone suggested serenity - there's a much better chance of accomplishing that than peace and hope, I think.

For all the blogger friends I've made this year, thanks for spending some of your time reading my feeble words. Thanks for the support you have given me, and for all the happy time I have spent reading your blogs.

I wish you all a wonderful year, filled with love and friends, blue skies and following winds. I do wish for Peace - yep. the kind with a capital "P", and pray for the peace makers. There must be some somewhere.

Oh, one more thing: a glass of your favorite champagne! love, webb


  1. We are at the same stage: ready to send the year off and welcome the new one. We are celebrating with friends who can just, get this, WALK THRU THE SNOW to our house. Tomorrow is our day together with the dogs, and leftovers, a fire, and college football.
    Wishing you, dear blog friend, a very happy and healthy New Year.

  2. Your evening is the opposite of ours but sounds equally wonderful. This time last year I had just finished losing 30 lbs. While I've kept it off, I have to work at it every day. Which is to say "You can do it!" and "I feel your pain. Happy New Year. And the mousse cake is totally worth it.

  3. Happy New Year Webb. Your evening sound perfect and perfectly romantic.

    It was so nice out I worked in my garden today!!

    Another of my Christmas wishes come true.

    See you next year!

    xo Jane

  4. Your New Years Eve sounds perfect and similar to mine. Thanks for being such a loyal supporter of my blog; I appreciate your comments and words of wisdom. You are a beautiful writer; I am in awe. Have a serene 2011.

  5. Happy New Year Webb and thank you for coming along into my blogging world. I enjoy your writing and it all the places it takes me. I am still pondering the word list in your previous post. Thinking about middle age and a-ha moments. I may need to hold onto that one :)
    Best wishes Webb for a wonderful year xx

  6. Thanks and hugs to all of you. It is totally weird how all of us working alone in different places have come to know and rely on each other. I truly appreciate all of your support and wish each of you the very best.... every day. 2011 can only be better!

  7. I love a quiet new years eve party too! Blessing in the new year, friend!