Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Perfect Beginning

Today is just the perfect day for new beginnings. After celebrating the new year on Atlantic Standard Time,

[not familiar with that time zone? Well, it's technically 15 degrees east of the Eastern Standard zone in the U.S., so an hour earlier than here in Central Virginia. We have spent a lot of time there in the Bahamas, but the Bahamas actually observe Eastern Time, even tho they are Atlantic!]

I was up early this morning. Walking out to get the paper I found the kind of crisp, trying-to-be-warm morning that one normally encounters in late March - in these parts. A warm front is moving thru today bringing us warmer weather for a few days, and I thought for a second that I was in the wrong season. A sliver of moon and Venus were still visible hanging high in the sky. Now the skies are more overcast, but it's almost balmy.

The nicest thing is the lack of traffic. Don't know if folks are glued to the Rose Bowl Parade, or sleeping off too much festivities, but either way the result is a calm and peaceful morning. Makes me feel like anything is possible.


One thing that is possible in 2011 is to continue my war against weight. Whoa! That might be my new name for it. Sunday is my normal weigh-in day, but I jumped on the scales a day early so that I could start the year accurately. Total lost is 8 pounds since Thanksgiving.

Many of you encouraged me to embrace the first five pounds that I kept trying to see as "new" weight and somehow not worthy of counting. I have realized that not counting them as lost is a way of denying them as gained. So, I have embraced both! [Thanks for your guidance!]

What have I learned so far? A lot. I have tried counting calories lots of times - with no particular success. I have tried journaling several times - but stopped after a few days. But this time I am using all the weapons:

Journaling with - I think the reason this works is that they have a huge database of foods, so it's easy to find what one eats and calculate the calories using serving size. It's harder to cheat [that entire of block of cheese was probably 1.5 ounces - right?] and more satisfying that the numbers are more accurate.

Serving Size is crucial - and most "normal" servings really are enough. We keep a digital scale on the counter - even weighed our NYE goodies last night- along with a series of cup measures. Measuring has become part of meal preparation and serving the plates. No seconds allowed unless they are measured, too! and no picking off the counter after dinner!

Jazzercize is fun and crucial. On the days I dance, I can't eat - at least don't want to eat - all the calories that I am allowed. This is definitely helping with the weight loss and overall fitness. And, please don't tell ... but, I have finally started enjoying exercise. Remember all those times you heard that everyone needs to find a form of exercise she likes... well, add this to tennis for me!

Support is also crucial - yours and Mitchell's. Since he is losing, too, it's helpful to work together. He is not getting as much exercise as I am, so not yet losing as fast. That will change next week when he gets back to his pre-holidays schedule of tennis. We will have to eat out a good bit this next week - [I'll show you why in a few days] - so we have already started talking about strategies to eat less at restaurants, and which restaurants to choose so that we can have more control.

It's truly a change in lifestyle. I still need to deal - at some point - with emotional eating and snacking, but that will come at maintenance time. Until then, I am getting good at smaller servings, journaling and dancing more, so progress is being made!

Onward into 2011. This is the perfect beginning!


  1. Wow! Losing weight in the holiday season, that IS an accomplishment! Smaller servings is the way to go for me (I eat fast and sometimes mindlessly), then exercise get easier and you are on a roll. Well done!

  2. Happy New Year to you, well done!

  3. Happy New Year to you! I agree with Anneke, losing weight during the holidays is an amazing feat- Congratulations Webb! I actually signed up with MyFitness on your suggestion but have yet to really explore the site. It's time for me to get focused.

  4. I am inspired by your efforts! I went back to the gym after a very loooong absence. It felt good. I am telling myself just make one small change at a time. Like, why can I not seem to drink water?! Congrats on the weight loss!! xoxo