Monday, February 21, 2011

At Last!

Just when I had decided that Mother Nature had completely turned her back on me this year - and that spring was not ever coming to my yard... four days above 50 degrees worked their magic!

And still the mystery of the magnolia. Is this a leaf-to-be? or is it a flower? Only time will tell.


  1. Oh, lovely hellebore! I used to grow them in Oregon. There is nothing like having something bloom in the winter. Do you grow hamamelis? It's not much to look at most of the year, but so welcome in January, and the fragrance is divine.

    It is still winter in the desert, with hardly a thing stirring, especially after our supercold temps last month. I miss crocus, snowdrops, dafs.

  2. Mother nature sure does rock!Lucky you .my bijou plot just looks brown, damp and soggy at the mo..but has a tiny bit of green in the hope of some grape muscaris! Woo hoo! Sinead

  3. Oh you're so lucky, they're so lovely.

    Mine are refusing to even look me in the eye.

    Snow tomorrow?

    xo Jane

  4. Beautiful is so exciting to see flower bursting forth all around the world!! How lucky are we ??

    Jeanne xxx

  5. Ladies, it really is the time of rebirth in the garden, altho I am sorry to hear that Anneke and Sinead have nothing stirring - I thought I was the last in the world! And, yes, Jane, snow tonight - aargh!

  6. I can't wait to see the flowers bloom again here!

  7. I'm doing a little happy dance for blooms!!! And I'm wondering...if I post a picture of the bush that has bloomed in my backyard on base, do you think you could identify it? I would like to research how to properly care for it since this is our first spring here...but I have NO idea what it is. My garden knowledge is pretty awful, actually.