Sunday, February 27, 2011

Really Diggin' in the Dirt

Finally a real day in the garden - well two and a half hours. My body won't take more than that without some training!

Cleaned out two whole beds (small ones). I mean deadheading, trimming, pulling weeds, spreading Preen (sorry, organic gardeners!) and Plantone. Completely done and ready for mulch.

It was a lovely morning - warm enough to shed the sweater - and not too sunny, so I could work without really sweating. There are many signs of the hot summer and snowy winter we have had. Many plants died and some completely disappeared, so I have the opportunity to redesign a lot of small spaces. The two I worked in today were particularly hard hit because they are so far from a water source that they don't get much except what Mother Nature provides. I need to look at more plants that can get along without much moisture. I moved some sedum and will look for portulaca grandaflora (moss rose) when the spring flowers appear at Big Blue Box.

Overall, a great day.


  1. It's what makes gardening such fun: always an opportunity to make changes. Glad you had a nice weather day to be outside.

  2. Finding the right plants for the conditions in which they will live is always a challenge for me. For example, we have a lovely little area on the front porch that would look great with some color, but it has to be a plant that doesn't need a lot of sun since we live in a VERY old neighborhood with lots of large, shading pine trees, and doesn't need much water since I am going home to KY for the summer. It's a challenge. And so for now, it remains empty.

    I am glad you got a good day in the garden and you're taking this opportunity to re-design. That's a silver lining to an otherwise discouraging situation. I hate it when plants die. I just can't help but think of the Velveteen Rabbit...