Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As Time Goes By

This is what my world looked like on March 2, 2009. Feeling completely closed in and, deciding that I could take a semi-snow day, I sat down and wrote my first blog post.

Two years and two hundred nineteen posts later, I am still here. I had planned to write lovely essays (like Sam) and there is a pile of books somewhere on how to write non-fiction. Instead, I have mostly told you what is on my mind or what projects are at the top of my to-do list for the week.

Most of all, I have discovered the wonderful group of bloggers who read and support each other. Whether you're in Arlington or Arizona, you have become friends. I have laughed at life in a small village in Provence, and met wonderful ladies who live in England, France and Australia, to say nothing of Texas, Illinois and Georgia. I've cooked wonderful dishes from a small roof-top garden and a french country home. I've shared bee news and bird sightings with bloggers in western Virginia, Minnesota and Arizona. I've drooled over wonderful flowers that Jane, Denise and Alison arranged and shared with us and learned about wrapping beautiful packages from Sande. Jill has set high goals for me in art work - goals I won't get to for a couple more years, but I want to learn from her. Belinda has gotten me interested in growing more flowers for cutting, and I have shared many a Friday glass of wine with Ally.

Charlene nudges me to maintain a better work/life balance and some weeks I manage to accomplish it. Savvy gives me great ideas on what to read to broaden my horizons and Vivianne and Kiren brighten my day as they raise their families and share that adventure. Ms. Caroline Bender continues to be my muse. I can't leave out my favorite cat, who mostly complains, but is a hoot to read.

And then there are a few hardy followers who - for some unknown reason - seem to come and visit. Special thanks to those of you whom I don't even know, but who have signed up anyway, and to James and Elizabeth who come regularly but never tell me.

It's a lovely journey and I am so happy when you come along and comment. I know year three will be every bit as much fun as year two. Thanks to you all.... and love.

ps: Here's what it looks like today!


  1. On my way to take a bath I walked by the computer and went to check my dashboard and what did I find but this.

    This lovely post, naming names and thanking virtual strangers who have become virtual friends.

    Congratulations on this your 3 year anniversary.

    I didn't even know what a blog was in 2009.

    Thank god I found out or we never would have met.

    Happy anniversary.

    xo Jane

  2. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! I simply love this because we have become a community for each other. We share the ups and the downs, without worry of judgment or criticism. Unlike those family members who are in your life because they were born into it, we all choose to come see you. We voluntarily hunt you down in our Google Readers and Internet search engines to see what is going on in your garden and your life. I am so glad you are ready to embark on year 3. It's going to be a great one and we will be cheering you on (and toasting you with a lovely bottle of table red that I brought back from New Mexico) all along the way!

  3. Congratulations on sticking with it. It is a nice little circle of encouragement, isn't it?
    March 3rd here is covered in snow, 8 degrees outside with a howling wind. It is nice to be able to catch up with friends without having to go out into that. ;o) have a a great day.

  4. Jane, you brighten may day - daily - and one of these trips to NOVA we're gonna get together. I mean it.

    Ally, same, same. Hope you come up to Ft. Lee again soon. And, tomorrow is Friday. I have a little something chilling.

    Ms. Bender, I do know where you live!

    All three of you have been great support and great friends - glad we have gotten to know each other. Thanks for the great support. XOXOXO!

  5. Like you, I had not envisioned that I would be meeting, and leave alone make friends, with the people who would be reading my blog. This community adds a whole new dimension to life. And THANK YOU for being there! Happy Anniversary!

  6. What a sweet post! :) Happy Blogiversary to you, friend.

  7. Anneke, i swear that if we get back to NM, I going to come find you! I want to see your piece of paradise.

    Foxy, you are standing on your head... right?

  8. What a lovely post and congratulations, I've got a lot of reading to do! x

  9. It is a lovely journey and afterall that is the point, right? :-) (And, thanks!)

  10. I am proud to be a part of your supportive community. I enjoy reading what is on your mind and on your to-do-list. Looking forward to another year.

  11. Congratulations and happy anniversary. I love your posts and your garden stems. Sinead

  12. I just found your blog via another lovely blog. It seems we started blogging thinking the same thing and let our heart and head lead us on this adventure. I look forward to checking in on you. Bonnie