Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet my Friend Allison

I've been a total slug this week - blogwise, anyway. I will blame the job, which has kicked into high gear for the next three months leaving me with a To Do List that is miles long.

I will also blame this stupid budget "crisis". I have kept my TV on 24/7 listening to our elected representatives argue over policy instead of dollars. Instead of dithering, tho, Alison has been thinking and writing. So, in case you don't already follow her... read this. And, be sure to tell her "hi"... and then go email your representatives.

ps: I should have told you... Allison writes the blog 400 Wake-ups - the life of an Army wife, whose husband is on his third [count them, third] deployment to Iraq. He and the 352nd are preparing the Iraqi people to take over their own security, while Ally keeps the home fires burning in Georgia. They say that less than 1% of Americans actually know a deployed member of the armed services. If you don't, here's your chance to see what life is like on the "home front" thru the eyes of an insightful, honest young woman. I hope you will enjoy her blog.Link


  1. You could never be a slug! Not one of those slimy garden pests of the PNW! :-)

  2. I did enjoy Ally's post. Very well done. It is frustrating to see how the country is run; are these people the best we have? I find it embarrassing, as well as depressing.

  3. Thank you for the shout-out!! I have been overrun with creating wedding jewelry for a friend's wedding in a couple of weeks. And then everything with the budget crisis kind of zapped the oomph right out of me blog-wise. But I am cleaning out my Google Reader (down to 160 unread posts. Started with 260 this morning) and getting ready to post some more on Neal. I can't believe that my Open Letter to Congress and Obama got 5000 hits. Clearly, I hit a nerve. I hope we remember that nerve when election time rolls around!

    PS Everything in the garden is AMAZING. I'm just oohing and ahhing over every single picture. It's like being in an arboretum!